Saturday, 16 May 2015

Glass, Smoke and Mirrors

((Once again I apologise for my absence its not that I haven't been playing EVE it's more that I haven't been able to decide what to write. I currently have two "big" stories planned for Richard but as some of their stars have now left the game writing them, which was originally rather a challenge has become rather hard to stomach, along with that life outside of Eve has me tackling or actually I guess avoiding tackling some rather hard decisions this has meant setting aside time to think and write has been hard. On a plus and it is a big plus I have massively improved my PvP and I also will be attending Fanfest 2016, so I am greatly looking forward to that. Anyway enough about me more about Richard...))


The two men shook hands and bowed low to each other, the room was very dark its only lighting was the lamp by the door and the lamp in the centre of the small shabby looking wooden table that the men, now took their seats at.
"Greetings I can now inform you that the money required for your entry into the capsuleer program is paid in full" Richard smiled as the other gentlemen acknowledged his remark with a single nod.
"As far as money ships and tools I offer you nothing, to keep our attachment unknown until the job is complete is crucial, once the job is done you will, of course, be paid for all expenses, plus the reward."
"So this will be our last conversation until the job is complete." Richard answered the question with a nod.
"Good luck sir, I really hope you are successful" Richard rose to leave and the other man quickly followed suit and with a smile turned to the door and whispered a quiet reply.
"As do I Mr Masseri" and without another word both men left the room.
The two shuttle's flew into the blackness of space and as they disappeared the tiny unoccupied station that their conversation had taken place on burst into flames.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Breaking News

Date: 2015-01-30
Time: 22:14
Region: Placid
System: Intaki
Planet: Intaki V (Intaki Prime)
Location: Masseri Mansion - Floor Fifteen – Richard Masseri's Private Quarters

Breaking News Roden success in bid for second term!”

The table shattered and its pieces span across the room covering the carpet in fragments of glass
the maid rushed in to see what had happened and gasped.
Master Richard, are you ok?”
I'm fine just annoyed, please leave.. I'll clean up the mess myself.”
The maid hurried from the room she had not seen her master in this mood before and did not like it one bit.

Richard picked himself off the floor, blood gushed from an open wound on his real arm, specks of it had splashed onto his metal one and he paused for a moment to inspect it and as he looked he felt a brief feeling of clarity spread over him as if the blood had calmed him, then the rage came flooding back. In a flash both arms whirled down at the antique wooden boards which covered the floor splinters erupted stinging his arm, yet the pain didn't slow him down at all it just flowed into more rage. Striking the sofa with his normal arm achieved nothing but as his prosthetic hit the structure it gave-way the cushions sinking inward as if the thing was deflating he continued his attack, another crash, a lamp falling to the floor brought him to his senses.

He looked down at his human arm he could no long feel it, the numbness had already overwhelmed it. Shakily he lifted himself from the floor with the prosthetic arm and started to make his way to the exit.

There was a lot of blood, it seemed he had cut something important, suddenly the ground below him seemed to disappear and he fell to the floor.

The maid heard the crashes, unsure what to do she stood their unmoving, maybe someone else would sort this out. Shaking herself she pulled out her neocom and called the manor security.
Vince, is that you... I don't know what’s going on but I believe that Mr Masseri has hurt himself he said he was ok but their was blood and he seemed so angry”
Lily Its ok I'll be right up.”

True to his word, Vince, head of security, took just 340seconds to arrive on site and see the damage, Richard was suffering severe blood loss and had fainted. His limb was replaceable if not repairable and the nanite injector had quickly sealed up all the surface wounds. It seemed in his anguish Richard had managed to not only break his arm but shatter one of his bones (his ulna) It was likely in all the thrashing the prosthetic had come in contact with the real arm.

Richard was in medical for four hours while everything was patched up and fixed the doctor released him but suggested he seriously should consider seeing a professional to talk about stress.

((All information in this post is currently OOC knowledge, If you can see a way it could be used by Richard or yourself in game feel free to contact him))